The Moistown Archaeological Project started in 2008 with a one-day survey training session offered to a local history group. Although most of the site was covered with scrub, the earthworks at Moistown; a medieval and post-medieval settlement, showed a lot of potential for further work. Since then, the scrub has been cleared, earthwork, dowsing and geophysical surveys have taken place. In 2013 we began to excavate and continue to do so, excavating for three weeks every year.  If you want to find out more about what we have done and plan to do at Moistown, the details are in the reports and documents below.

The History of Moistown, by Dr Sylvia Warham, was serialised into nine parts for ACE Archaeology Club’s newsletter. This has been brought together into one document here.

  The History of Moistown

Notes on the Tithe map, by Dr Judith Cannell, a study of land use and ownership in 1839.

Notes on the Tithe Map by Dr Judith Cannell

Dowsing in archaeology has always been a contentious subject, although many archaeologist dowse, very little of their results are ever published. ACE has the opportunity at Moistown to carry out research to determine just how effective dowsing can be. The dowsing and geophysical survey results are compared in the Moistown Archaeology Project interim report for 2012, but only the excavation of Moistown will give a definitive answer.

Moistown Archaeology Project Interim report 2012 dowsing and geophysics

Before an excavation can take place an outline of the proposed works must be written up and permissions to excavate sought.  Here is the outline for Moistown –

The Moistown Archaeological project excavation outline 2013

ACE starts to excavate in 2013, the results so far can be found here in the The Moistown Archaeological Project interim reports;

The Moistown Archaeological project Interim report 2013

The Moistown Archaeological project Interim report 2014

The Moistown Archaeological project Interim report 2015

The Moistown Archaeology Project Interim Report for 2016

The Moistown Archaeology Project Interim Excavation Report 2017

The Moistown Archaeology Project Interim Report for 2018